Monday, January 10, 2011

Dumbass Move, Pirate

I'm not entirely convinced it was my fault. I think it was a glitch. Or a ghost.

There is no way I locked my keys in my car while it was running.

Except, I did.

This wouldn't have been such a problem - I have spare keys - only they are at home. Locked in the house with no one home. The brother that lives with me: in Florida. The closest spare home keys: with my mother. I'd call her, only my cell phone is in my bag. Locked in my car. And her phone number...I'm not 100% sure I remember it. (I never dial a number; I speed dial.)

My first reaction - after swearing and stomping around in the parking lot - was to punch in one of my windows. Break it with a rock or something other than my fist? Didn't even cross my mind. After deciding it would be more expensive and more of a hassle to replace the window, I chose not to break it - and my hand - in an attempt to unlock my car. I then had the ice scraper - the reason I got out of my running car in the first place - wedged into a crack of the door and was in the process of trying to pry it open when I decided that any further action on my part to open my locked car was going to result in more trouble than it was worth.

I went back inside work to try solve my locked door problem. (Beats standing in the snow storm outside.) With no real clue who to call - and here's where my brother will laugh his ass off because he's been telling me to get AAA ever since I bought my used piece-of-crap car - I had to stop and think this situation through.

After attempting to get ahold of my one local police contact with no such luck, I called my grandparents to get my mom's cell number. See, she has a key to my place. If I could just catch her before she heads home from work, she might be able to swing by and get me into my house so that I can get my spare car keys and unlock the door.

Only, I get her voicemail. And the kicker? She can't call me back because of my lack of cell phone and no direct line to my phone at work - everyone in the office had gone home to beat the snow storm outside, leaving all incoming calls routed through to voicemail.

After some more telephone work, I managed to get ahold of my spare house key, my extra car keys, and eventually made it home.

Needless to say, my night did not go as planned. Any drive I had to eat healthy, exercise, clean house, and do work evaporated. I'm writing the night off.

On my To Do list for Wednesday (the next night I have any free time): a AAA membership, a list of important phone numbers to keep in my wallet, and some research into keyless entry to my garage.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not My Marathon

My brother is running the Walt Disney World Marathon this morning. I received his first text at 1:20 AM as he was getting around to head out to the race. Later I saw that he started his run at 6:04:48 AM.

I believe my uncle signed me up to receive race updates via email, and for this I couldn't be happier. See, I was supposed to be running this marathon with my brother.

And then I didn't train. Not like I was supposed to. Not like I promised to. Not in time to run this marathon I sort of talked my brother into running. How completely uncool of me.

As I slept in bed this morning, the updates came in. 5 miles at 58:31; 10 at 1:58:09; half at 2:37:41; and 20 at 4:15:51. I'm sure he's near done by now. I'm proud of what the little Monkey is accomplishing at this very moment. I wish him the best.

My plan is to be at the Disney Marathon next January. I think my brother said he might even go down and run the half. Hopefully this time I won't disappoint him, or myself.

Congrats, Monkey!